About Supawiki

Documentation is a core element of every project, and requires structure, good planning, and constant effort to work.

Simplicity is also of the utmost importance. Tools that do too much can become cumbersome and end up falling out of use for being just too much trouble.

The point is not only to facilitate writing documentation, but also making it beautiful and pleasant to use. If done right, documentation is not only a record of past work, but a source of inspiration and a window to new pathways.

These are the tenets behind Supawiki. It is a tool to facilitate, to promote the sharing of knowledge so that it can grow into greater things.

Supawiki is a one-man show.

Developing Supawiki was a challenging experience. On the technical side it required the knowledge I got from different areas — back-end, front-end, databases, servers, frameworks. On the business side it was even more challenging — billing, taxes, marketing and sorts. All the while raising a family and navigating the uncertainties of the strange place the world is nowadays.

I am proud of Supawiki. I hope you find it as useful as I do, and that it grows to become more helpful to ever more people.