Supawiki launch

It is with great pride that I announce the release of Supawiki.

This is a project that has been carefully built from the dream of creating a document organizing tool that was efficient, accessible and transformative.

What is it?

Supawiki is a knowledge-based system (KBS), a tool that uses information from documents to create new value.

It can be used to document projects, or as a retrievable storage for knowledge. The goal is to facilitate the organization and use of knowledge.

By either manual creation or the upload of markdown files, it delivers beautifully crafted webpages in a wiki format, ready for shared collaboration with your whole team.

This was an effort that took me 7 months to complete, leveling a carefully curated modern open source code base. It is the result of a lot of work and dedication, not only from me but from all the people involved in each of the open source projects I used, and it comes as a proof of their geniality and brilliance.

This is just the beginning! I am proud of it, and I hope it becomes useful to many.

October 09, 2023.