Getting started


Supawiki is a knowledge based system designed to make it easy to create wikis. By fostering collaboration and removing technical obstacles, it enables the organization and maintenance of knowledge.

Supawiki uses artificial intelligence models to summarize user content. It provides answers based on the wikis created by the users.

Let’s do it together.

Create an account

To start with Supawiki, click on the “sign up” button in the top navigation bar. The account creation is made in 5 steps:

Steps to create account
  1. Fill account details (name, email and password);

  2. An email is sent to your address to validate it. Please check if it was not caught in your spam filter.

You can have another validation email sent to you by clicking on login. A message will show up saying validation is pending, with an option to send another request.

  1. Chose a pricing plan. Everything can be changed later, from the billing period (monthly or annually) to the number of team members;

  2. Payment

  3. Confirmation of account creation.

Create a wiki

Once logged in you can access the dashboard, where you can create unlimited wikis.

Wiki badge

Clicking on “view” will lead to the HTML page of your wiki, albeit an empty one.

The “manage” button leads to the markdown editor, where it is possible to create folders, upload, create and edit files, and change the order they are organized in the wiki file tree.