The wiki editor

The wiki editor is the page that allows the upload or creation of markdown files.

The wiki editor page

There are two ways to add folders and files to the wiki.

You can click on “File” in the top menu bar, or you can right-click on the name of the wiki in the file tree.

The context menu that appears when right-clicking the file tree

Selecting a file allows it to be edited in the text editor.

After editing a file, save it by clicking on the “File” menu and selecting the appropriate action.

Files and folders in the file tree can be moved to new positions with the mouse.

File menu

  • New file

Creates a new empty markdown file.

  • Upload file

Allows uploading markdown files and images.

  • New folder

Creates a new folder in the file tree of the wiki.

  • Save file

Necessary after any changes in the files.

  • Set as initial page

In Supawiki, initial page is the first page that will be shown once you visit the HTML form of your wiki. It is the home page of the wiki.

You can set any page to be the initial one by selecting it in the file tree, then clicking on “Set as initial page” in the “File” menu.

  • Delete

Delete a file or folder.

Wiki menu

  • View wiki

Leads to the HTML form of the wiki.

  • Sharing

It shows the URL of the HTML form of wiki, from where it can be copied and distributed.

From here the wiki can be set as “public” or “private”.

  • Public: the wiki can be viewed by anyone with the URL. Only the owner of the wiki and its team members can edit it;

    • Private: The wiki can only be viewed by the owner of the wiki and its team members. Only the owner and admin team members can edit it.
  • Rename wiki

  • Delete wiki