WordPress migration guide

If you have a WordPress website, you can transfer your pages and posts to Supawiki.

To do so, add the “Export to Supawiki” plugin to your WordPress site.

Install plugin

Access your WordPress dashboard by visiting yoursite.com/wp-admin/.

WordPress dashboard

Click on “Plugins” on the left side bar, and on “Add new plugins”.

On the search box type Export to Supawiki and install it.

Adding Supawiki plugin to WordPress

Things to keep in mind

This plugins allows you to export pages, posts and their images to Supawiki. Others things are not supported, as:

  • Tags will be migrated, but not categories. If needed, you can convert your categories to tags before exporting;

  • Supawiki does not have built-in comments;

  • No custom fields, meta, shortcodes, post types, taxonomies or binary files will be migrated. Just regular posts, pages, tags and images.

Steps to follow

  1. Click on the Download Supawiki file button. You will receive a ZIP file with the contents of you WordPress website.

Supawiki plugin instructions in WordPress

If you prefer, you can export a JSON file from WordPress instead of ZIP. But the JSON file will not include images.

If you use the JSON export and site has images, check how to migrate them in the manually import images section.

  1. Log into your Supawiki account and access the Settings section in you dashboard. It has a button to import files from WordPress.

Import button in Supawiki's dashboard

You can import your data into an existing wiki or create a new one.

Options when importing data
  1. Check that everything is in order.

Confirmation of successful import

When data is imported, the page and posts from WordPress pass through a conversion of format.

Access the wiki into which the data was imported and check all files. You can edit them to make sure they look as intended.

Editing wiki files in Supawiki

Manually import images

You can add images to Supawiki from your Dashboard. On the left bar, select the wiki you are editing under wikis.

In the file tree, find the file that will contain the image. In the example below, it is the blog-post-2.md file.

The image should be added to the same parent folder, WordPress. Right-click on it and select Upload file from the context menu.


Context menu in dashboard

Upload the image file.

Now it is time to reference the image in the markdown file. Back at blog-post-2.md, let’s add the following text below the title:

![Alt-text for the main picture of the article](image.png)
<small>Main picture of the article</small>
  • image.png is the name of the uploaded file;
  • Alt-text for the main picture of the article is the description of the image for text readers;
  • The text between <small> and </small> HTML tags will appear as centered subtitle of the image, in a small font.

Referencing images from markdown

Now, when viewing the published wiki, the image will appear in the post. Click on Wiki, and then View wiki to see it.