Scientific publications about JWST observations - year 2022

Source: STScI publications

Remarkable facts

Has JWST Already Falsified Dark-matter-driven Galaxy Formation?

2022/11 Haslbauer, Moritz; Kroupa, Pavel; Zonoozi, Akram Hasani et al. Program ID: 1514

In light of the discovery of several galaxy candidates that are too big and too far for our model of the age of the universe, this study asks if one explanation can already be ruled out.

A model called ΛCDM paradigm has as a consequence that galaxies formed in the beginning of the life of the universe – which today are seen with photometric redshifts z phot ≳ 10 – should be “by more than an order of magnitude less massive in stars than the observed galaxy candidates implying that the stellar mass buildup is more efficient in the early universe than predicted by the ΛCDM models.” (Haslbauer et al, 2022).

In late 2023 the jury is still out on that one, as seen in Serjeant et al, 2023.

High-redshift Galaxies from Early JWST Observations: Constraints on Dark Energy Models

2022/10 Menci, Nicola; Castellano, M.; Santini, Paola et al.

One of the most exciting discoveries in 2022 was the unexpected finding of a large density of massive galaxies at extremely high redshifts (z ≈ 10). This paper evaluates the meaning of such discovery over the current dark energy models.

Early Release Observations (EROs)

2022/09 Pontoppidan, Klaus; Barrientes, Jaclyn; Blome, Claire et al. Program IDs: 2736; 2732; 2733; 2734; 2731

Early Release Observations (EROs) is a set of public outreach products created to mark the end of commissioning and the beginning of science operations for JWST.

The package was released on 2022 July 12 and included images and spectra of the galaxy cluster SMACS J0723.3-7327 and distant lensed galaxies, the interacting galaxy group Stephan’s Quintet, NGC 3324 in the Carina star-forming complex, the Southern Ring planetary nebula NGC 3132, and the transiting hot Jupiter WASP-96b.


  • Laboratory spectroscopy of theoretical ices: Predictions for JWST and test for astrochemical models

    2022/12 Müller, B.; Giuliano, B. M.; Vasyunin, A. et al.
  • LIDA: The Leiden Ice Database for Astrochemistry

    2022/12 Rocha, W. R. M.; Rachid, M. G.; Olsthoorn, B. et al.
  • Refining the Masses and Radii of the Star Kepler-33 and its Five Transiting Planets

    2022/12 Sikora, James; Rowe, Jason F.; Jontof-Hutter, Daniel et al.
  • The Detectability of Rocky Planet Surface and Atmosphere Composition with the JWST: The Case of LHS 3844b

    2022/12 Whittaker, Emily A.; Malik, Matej; Ih, Jegug et al.
  • Water and an Escaping Helium Tail Detected in the Hazy and Methane-depleted Atmosphere of HAT-P-18b from JWST NIRISS/SOSS

    2022/12 Fu, Guangwei; Espinoza, Néstor; Sing, David K. et al. Program ID: 2734
  • A New Era of Intracluster Light Studies with JWST

    2022/12 Montes, Mireia; Trujillo, Ignacio Program ID: 2736
  • Early Results from GLASS-JWST. VI. Extreme Rest-optical Equivalent Widths Detected in NIRISS Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy

    2022/12 Boyett, K.; Mascia, S.; Pentericci, L. et al. Program ID: 1324
  • Early Results from GLASS-JWST. VII. Evidence for Lensed, Gravitationally Bound Protoglobular Clusters at z = 4 in the Hubble Frontier Field A2744

    2022/12 Vanzella, Eros; Castellano, Marco; Bergamini, Pietro et al. Program ID: 1324
  • Early Results from GLASS-JWST. VIII. An Extremely Magnified Blue Supergiant Star at Redshift 2.65 in the A2744 Cluster Field

    2022/12 Chen, Wenlei; Kelly, Patrick L.; Treu, Tommaso et al. Program ID: 1324
  • A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Candidate z 12 Galaxy in Early JWST CEERS Imaging

    2022/12 Finkelstein, Steven L.; Bagley, Micaela B.; Arrabal Haro, Pablo et al. Program ID: 1345
  • Constraints on Cosmological Parameters with a Sample of Type Ia Supernovae from JWST

    2022/12 Lu, Jia; Wang, Lifan; Chen, Xingzhuo et al.
  • Searching for Extremely Blue UV Continuum Slopes at z = 7-11 in JWST/NIRCam Imaging: Implications for Stellar Metallicity and Ionizing Photon Escape in Early Galaxies

    2022/12 Topping, Michael W.; Stark, Daniel P.; Endsley, Ryan et al. Program ID: 1345
  • Testing the Retrieval of Inner Disk Water Enrichment with Spitzer/IRS and JWST/MIRI

    2022/12 James, Mackenzie M.; Pascucci, Ilaria; Liu, Yao et al.
  • What Are Those Tiny Things? A First Study of Compact Star Clusters in the SMACS0723 Field with JWST

    2022/12 Faisst, Andreas L.; Chary, Ranga Ram; Brammer, Gabriel et al. Program ID: 2736
  • CORINOS. I. JWST/MIRI Spectroscopy and Imaging of a Class 0 Protostar IRAS 15398-3359

    2022/12 Yang, Yao-Lun; Green, Joel D.; Pontoppidan, Klaus M. et al. Program ID: 2151
  • PHANGS-JWST First Results: Spurring on Star Formation: JWST Reveals Localized Star Formation in a Spiral Arm Spur of NGC 628

    2022/12 Williams, T. G.; Sun, Jiayi; Barnes, A. T. et al. Program ID: 2107
  • GOALS-JWST: Tracing AGN Feedback on the Star-forming Interstellar Medium in NGC 7469

    2022/12 Lai, T.; Armus, Lee; U, Vivian et al. Program ID: 1328
  • Early JWST Imaging Reveals Strong Optical and NIR Color Gradients in Galaxies at z 2 Driven Mostly by Dust

    2022/12 Miller, Tim B.; Whitaker, Katherine E.; Nelson, Erica J. et al. Program ID: 1345
  • Cosmological Model Tests with JWST

    2022/12 Lovyagin, Nikita; Raikov, Alexander; Yershov, Vladimir et al. Program ID: 2736
  • A new method for finding nearby white dwarfs exoplanets and detecting biosignatures

    2022/12 Limbach, Mary Anne; Vanderburg, Andrew; Stevenson, K. B. et al.
  • First Light and Reionisation Epoch Simulations (FLARES) - VI. The colour evolution of galaxies z = 5-15

    2022/12 Wilkins, Stephen M.; Vijayan, Aswin P.; Lovell, Christopher C. et al.
  • Deep diving off the ‘Cosmic Cliffs’: previously hidden outflows in NGC 3324 revealed by JWST

    2022/12 Reiter, Megan; Morse, Jon A.; Smith, Nathan et al. Program ID: 2731
  • The messy death of a multiple star system and the resulting planetary nebula as observed by JWST

    2022/12 De Marco, Orsola; Akashi, Muhammad; Akras, Stavros et al. Program ID: 2733
  • A lensed protocluster candidate at z = 7.66 identified in JWST observations of the galaxy cluster SMACS0723−7327

    2022/11 Laporte, Nicolas; Zitrin, A.; Dole, H. et al. Program ID: 2736
  • MIRECLE: Science Yield for a Mid-infrared Explorer-class Mission to Study Nontransiting Rocky Planets Orbiting the Nearest M Stars Using Planetary Infrared Excess

    2022/11 Mandell, Avi; Lustig-Yaeger, Jacob; Stevenson, Kevin et al.
  • Hubble WFC3 Spectroscopy of the Rocky Planet L 98-59 b: No Evidence for a Cloud-free Primordial Atmosphere

    2022/11 Zhou, Li; Ma, Bo; Wang, Yong-Hao et al.
  • Metallicities of Five z > 5 Emission-line Galaxies in SMACS 0723 Revealed by JWST

    2022/11 Taylor, A. J.; Barger, A. J.; Cowie, L. L. Program ID: 2736
  • JWST Sneaks a Peek at the Stellar Morphology of z 2 Submillimeter Galaxies: Bulge Formation at Cosmic Noon

    2022/11 Chen, Chian-Chou; Gao, Zhen-Kai; Hsu, Qi-Ning et al. Program IDs: 1345; 1837
  • Opening the Era of Quasar-host Studies at High Redshift with JWST

    2022/11 Ding, Xuheng; Silverman, John D.; Onoue, Masafusa Program ID: 1345
  • Has JWST Already Falsified Dark-matter-driven Galaxy Formation?

    2022/11 Haslbauer, Moritz; Kroupa, Pavel; Zonoozi, Akram Hasani et al. Program ID: 1514
  • JWST Imaging of Earendel, the Extremely Magnified Star at Redshift z = 6.2

    2022/11 Welch, Brian; Coe, Dan; Zackrisson, Erik et al. Program ID: 2282
  • GOALS-JWST: Resolving the Circumnuclear Gas Dynamics in NGC 7469 in the Mid-infrared

    2022/11 U, Vivian; Lai, Thomas S. -Y.; Bianchin, Marina et al. Program ID: 1328
  • GOALS-JWST: Unveiling Dusty Compact Sources in the Merging Galaxy IIZw096

    2022/11 Inami, H.; Surace, J.; Armus, Lee et al. Program ID: 1328
  • First Results from the JWST Early Release Science Program Q3D: Turbulent Times in the Life of a z 3 Extremely Red Quasar Revealed by NIRSpec IFU

    2022/11 Wylezalek, D.; Vayner, Andrey; Rupke, David S. N. et al. Program ID: 1335
  • GOALS-JWST: Hidden Star Formation and Extended PAH Emission in the Luminous Infrared Galaxy VV 114

    2022/11 Evans, Aaron; Frayer, David T.; Charmandaris, Vassilis et al. Program ID: 1328
  • Two Remarkably Luminous Galaxy Candidates at z ≈ 10-12 Revealed by JWST

    2022/11 Naidu, Rohan P.; Oesch, P.; van Dokkum, Pieter et al. Program IDs: 1324; 1345
  • A First Look at Cepheids in a Type Ia Supernova Host with JWST

    2022/11 Yuan, Wenlong; Riess, Adam G.; Casertano, Stefano et al. Program ID: 2107
  • Detection of Intracluster Globular Clusters in the First JWST Images of the Gravitational Lens Cluster SMACS J0723.3-7327 at z = 0.39

    2022/11 Lee, Myung Gyoon; Bae, Jang Ho; Jang, In Sung Program ID: 2736
  • A First Look at the Abundance Pattern-O/H, C/O, and Ne/O-in z > 7 Galaxies with JWST/NIRSpec

    2022/11 Arellano-Córdova, Karla Z.; Berg, Danielle A.; Chisholm, John et al. Program ID: 2736
  • A First Look into the Nature of JWST/MIRI 7.7 μm Sources from SMACS 0723

    2022/11 Iani, E.; Caputi, K. I.; Rinaldi, Pierluigi et al. Program ID: 2736
  • Observing EAGLE galaxies with JWST: predictions for Milky Way progenitors and their building blocks

    2022/11 Evans, Tilly A.; Fattahi, Azadeh; Deason, Alis J. et al.
  • Photometry and astrometry with JWST - I. NIRCam point spread functions and the first JWST colour-magnitude diagrams of a globular cluster

    2022/11 Nardiello, D.; Bedin, L. R.; Burgasser, A. et al. Program ID: 1334
  • Galaxy source counts at 7.7, 10, and 15 μm with the James Webb Space Telescope

    2022/11 Ling, Chih-Teng; Kim, Seong Jin; Wu, Cossas K. -W. et al. Program ID: 2732
  • The impact of phase equilibrium cloud models on GCM simulations of GJ 1214b

    2022/11 Christie, Duncan A.; Mayne, Nathan J.; Gillard, R. M. et al.
  • Nested dust shells around the Wolf-Rayet binary WR 140 observed with JWST

    2022/11 Lau, Ryan M.; Hankins, Matthew J.; Han, Yinuo et al. Program ID: 1349
  • Precise mass determination for the keystone sub-Neptune planet transiting the mid-type M dwarf G 9-40

    2022/10 Luque, Rafael; Nowak, G.; Hirano, T. et al.
  • TOI-1468: A system of two transiting planets, a super-Earth and a mini-Neptune, on opposite sides of the radius valley

    2022/10 Chaturvedi, P.; Bluhm, P.; Nagel, E. et al.
  • Inferring properties of dust in supernovae with neural networks

    2022/10 Ansari, Zoe; Gall, C.; Wesson, Roger et al.
  • A high angular resolution view of the PAH emission in Seyfert galaxies using JWST/MRS data

    2022/10 García-Bernete, I.; Rigopoulou, D.; Alonso-Herrero, A. et al. Program IDs: 1039; 2732; 1328
  • First JWST observations of a gravitational lens. Mass model from new multiple images with near-infrared observations of SMACS J0723.3−7327

    2022/10 Caminha, G. B.; Suyu, S. H.; Mercurio, A. et al. Program ID: 2736
  • Evaluating the Plausible Range of N2O Biosignatures on Exo-Earths: An Integrated Biogeochemical, Photochemical, and Spectral Modeling Approach

    2022/10 Schwieterman, Edward W.; Olson, Stephanie L.; Pidhorodetska, Daria et al.
  • The Sparkler: Evolved High-redshift Globular Cluster Candidates Captured by JWST

    2022/10 Mowla, Lamiya; Iyer, Kartheik; Desprez, Guillaume et al. Program ID: 2736
  • Alternative Methylated Biosignatures. I. Methyl Bromide, a Capstone Biosignature

    2022/10 Leung, Michaela; Schwieterman, Edward W.; Parenteau, Mary N. et al.
  • Probing the Extent of Vertical Mixing in Brown Dwarf Atmospheres with Disequilibrium Chemistry

    2022/10 Mukherjee, Sagnick; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Batalha, Natasha E. et al.
  • Panic! at the Disks: First Rest-frame Optical Observations of Galaxy Structure at z > 3 with JWST in the SMACS 0723 Field

    2022/10 Ferreira, Leonardo; Adams, N. J.; Conselice, Christopher J. et al. Program ID: 2736
  • High-redshift Galaxies from Early JWST Observations: Constraints on Dark Energy Models

    2022/10 Menci, Nicola; Castellano, M.; Santini, Paola et al.
  • Unscrambling the Lensed Galaxies in JWST Images behind SMACS 0723

    2022/10 Pascale, Massimo; Frye, Brenda; Diego, J. M. et al. Program ID: 2736
  • An Empirical Approach to Selecting the First Growing Black Hole Seeds with JWST/NIRCam

    2022/10 Goulding, Andy; Greene, Jenny E.
  • A Lower Bound of Star Formation Activity in Ultra-high-redshift Galaxies Detected with JWST: Implications for Stellar Populations and Radiation Sources

    2022/10 Inayoshi, Kohei; Harikane, Yuichi; Inoue, Akio K. et al.
  • Early Results from GLASS-JWST. I: Confirmation of Lensed z ≥ 7 Lyman-break Galaxies behind the Abell 2744 Cluster with NIRISS

    2022/10 Roberts-Borsani, Guido; Morishita, Takahiro; Treu, Tommaso et al. Program ID: 1324
  • Early Results from GLASS-JWST. II. NIRCam Extragalactic Imaging and Photometric Catalog

    2022/10 Merlin, E.; Bonchi, Andrea; Paris, Diego et al. Program ID: 1324
  • Early Results from GLASS-JWST. III. Galaxy Candidates at z 9-15

    2022/10 Castellano, M.; Fontana, Adriano; Treu, Tommaso et al. Program ID: 1324
  • Early Results from GLASS-JWST. IV. Spatially Resolved Metallicity in a Low-mass z 3 Galaxy with NIRISS

    2022/10 Wang, Xin; Jones, T.; Vulcani, Benedetta et al. Program ID: 1324
  • Early Results from GLASS-JWST. V: The First Rest-frame Optical Size-Luminosity Relation of Galaxies at z > 7

    2022/10 Yang, Lilan; Morishita, Takahiro; Leethochawalit, N. et al. Program ID: 1324
  • Red Spiral Galaxies at Cosmic Noon Unveiled in the First JWST Image

    2022/10 Fudamoto, Y.; Inoue, Akio K.; Sugahara, Yuma Program ID: 2736
  • Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST - VI. Simulated light-cones and galaxy clustering predictions

    2022/10 Yung, L. Y. Aaron; Somerville, Rachel S.; Ferguson, Henry C. et al.
  • Observability of forming planets and their circumplanetary discs - IV. With JWST and ELT

    2022/10 Chen, Xueqing; Szulágyi, Judit
  • The BLUETIDES mock image catalogue: simulated observations of high-redshift galaxies and predictions for JWST imaging surveys

    2022/10 Marshall, Madeline A.; Watts, Katelyn; Wilkins, Stephen M. et al.
  • The feasibility of constraining DM interactions with high-redshift observations by JWST

    2022/10 Kurmus, Ali; Bose, Sownak; Lovell, Mark et al.
  • Rogue Planets and Brown Dwarfs: Predicting the Populations Free-floating Planetary Mass Objects Observable with JWST

    2022/10 Scholz, Aleks; Muzic, Koraljka; Jayawardhana, Ray et al.
  • Infrared spectra of complex organic molecules in astronomically relevant ice mixtures. V. Methyl cyanide (acetonitrile)

    2022/09 Rachid, M. G.; Rocha, W. R. M.; Linnartz, H.
  • GJ 3090 b: one of the most favourable mini-Neptune for atmospheric characterisation

    2022/09 Almenara, J. M.; Bonfils, X.; Otegi, J. F. et al.
  • A detailed analysis of the Gl 486 planetary system

    2022/09 Caballero, J. A.; González-Álvarez, E.; Brady, Madison T. et al.
  • First look with JWST spectroscopy: Resemblance among z ∼ 8 galaxies and local analogs

    2022/09 Schaerer, D.; Marques-Chaves, R.; Barrufet, L. et al. Program ID: 2736
  • Low-power jet-interstellar medium interaction in NGC 7319 revealed by JWST/MIRI MRS

    2022/09 Pereira-Santaella, M.; Álvarez-Márquez, J.; García-Bernete, I. et al. Program ID: 2732
  • Measuring Elemental Abundances of JWST Target Stars for Exoplanet Characterization. I. FGK Stars

    2022/09 Kolecki, Jared R.; Wang, Ji
  • First Peek with JWST/NIRCam Wide-field Slitless Spectroscopy: Serendipitous Discovery of a Strong [O III]/Hα Emitter at z = 6.11

    2022/09 Sun, Fengwu; Egami, Eiichi; Pirzkal, Nor et al. Program ID: 1076
  • The JWST Early Release Observations

    2022/09 Pontoppidan, Klaus; Barrientes, Jaclyn; Blome, Claire et al. Program IDs: 2736; 2732; 2733; 2734; 2731
  • Properties of Host Galaxies of Submillimeter Sources as Revealed by JWST Early Release Observations in SMACS J0723.3-7327

    2022/09 Cheng, C.; Yan, Haojing; Huang, Jia-Sheng et al. Program ID: 2736
  • Unveiling the Contribution of Population III Stars in Primeval Galaxies at Redshift ≥6

    2022/09 Riaz, Shafqat; Hartwig, Tilman; Latif, M. A.
  • Stratospheric clouds do not impede JWST transit spectroscopy for exoplanets with Earth-like atmospheres

    2022/09 Doshi, Dhvani; Cowan, Nicolas B.; Huang, Yi
  • Mg II in the JWST era: a probe of Lyman continuum escape?

    2022/09 Katz, Harley; Garel, Thibault; Rosdahl, Joki et al.
  • The JWST Early Release Science Program for the Direct Imaging and Spectroscopy of Exoplanetary Systems

    2022/09 Hinkley, Sasha; Carter, Aarynn L.; Ray, Shrishmoy et al.
  • The TRAPPIST-1 Habitable Atmosphere Intercomparison (THAI). III. Simulated Observables-the Return of the Spectrum

    2022/09 Fauchez, Thomas J.; Villanueva, G. L.; Sergeev, Denis E. et al.
  • Smallest Scale Clumpy Star Formation in Stephan’s Quintet Revealed from UV and IR Imaging

    2022/09 Joseph, P.; George, K.; Subramanian, S. et al.
  • Cosmic-ray-induced H2 line emission. Astrochemical modeling and implications for JWST observations

    2022/08 Gaches, Brandt A. L.; Bialy, Shmuel; Bisbas, Thomas G. et al.
  • Aura-3D: A Three-dimensional Atmospheric Retrieval Framework for Exoplanet Transmission Spectra

    2022/08 Nixon, Matthew C.; Madhusudhan, Nikku
  • The GLASS-JWST Early Release Science Program. I. Survey Design and Release Plans

    2022/08 Treu, Tommaso; Roberts-Borsani, Guido; Bradac, Marusa et al.
  • Ice Age: Chemodynamical Modeling of Cha-MMS1 to Predict New Solid-phase Species for Detection with JWST

    2022/08 Jin, Mihwa; Lam, Ka Ho; McClure, Melissa K. et al.
  • Constrained Reference Star Differential Imaging: Enabling High-fidelity Imagery of Highly Structured Circumstellar Disks

    2022/08 Lawson, Kellen; Currie, Thayne; Wisniewski, John P. et al.
  • Galaxy Formation and Reionization: Key Unknowns and Expected Breakthroughs by the James Webb Space Telescope

    2022/08 Robertson, Brant E.
  • Characterizing atmospheres of cloudy temperate mini-neptunes with JWST

    2022/08 Constantinou, Savvas; Madhusudhan, Nikku
  • A panchromatic view of star cluster formation in a simulated dwarf galaxy starburst

    2022/08 Lahén, Natalia; Naab, Thorsten; Kauffmann, Guinevere
  • Direct imaging and spectroscopy of exoplanetary systems with the JWST early release science program

    2022/08 Hinkley, Sasha; Carter, Aarynn L.; Ray, Shrishmoy et al.
  • Performance of near-infrared high-contrast imaging methods with JWST from commissioning

    2022/08 Kammerer, Jens; Girard, Julien; Carter, Aarynn L. et al. Program ID: 1441
  • Two novel approaches for determining the sky position of an unstacked, segmented-mirror telescope

    2022/08 Wirth, Gregory D.; Flagey, Nicolas; Gordon, Michael S. et al.
  • Methanol-A Poor Biosignature Gas in Exoplanet Atmospheres

    2022/07 Huang, Jingcheng; Seager, S.; Petkowski, Janusz J. et al.
  • How Do We Optimally Sample Model Grids of Exoplanet Spectra?

    2022/07 Fisher, Chloe; Heng, K.
  • The impact of ultraviolet heating and cooling on the dynamics and observability of lava planet atmospheres

    2022/07 Nguyen, T. Giang; Cowan, Nicolas B.; Pierrehumbert, Raymond T. et al.
  • Convolutional neural networks as an alternative to Bayesian retrievals for interpreting exoplanet transmission spectra

    2022/06 Ardévol Martínez, F.; Min, M.; Kamp, I. et al.
  • Linking Atmospheric Chemistry of the Hot Jupiter HD 209458b to Its Formation Location through Infrared Transmission and Emission Spectra

    2022/06 Dash, Spandan; Majumdar, Liton; Willacy, Karen et al.
  • A Comparison of Chemical Models of Exoplanet Atmospheres Enabled by TauREx 3.1

    2022/06 Al-Refaie, Ahmed Faris; Changeat, Q.; Venot, O. et al.
  • Emergence of galactic morphologies at cosmic dawn: input from numerical modelling

    2022/06 Bi, Da; Shlosman, Isaac; Romano-Díaz, Emilio
  • Impact of variable photospheric radius on exoplanet atmospheric retrievals

    2022/06 Taylor, J.
  • The Near-Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) on the James Webb Space Telescope. IV. Capabilities and predicted performance for exoplanet characterization

    2022/05 Birkmann, Stephan; Ferruit, Pierre; Giardino, Giovanna et al.
  • Observability of evaporating lava worlds

    2022/05 Zilinskas, M.; van Buchem, C. P. A.; Miguel, Y. et al.
  • The HST Large Program on ω Centauri. V. Exploring the Ultracool Dwarf Population with Stellar Atmosphere and Evolutionary Modeling

    2022/05 Gerasimov, Roman; Burgasser, A. J.; Homeier, Derek et al.
  • Can Carbon Fractionation Provide Evidence for Aerial Biospheres in the Atmospheres of Temperate Sub-Neptunes?

    2022/05 Glidden, Ana; Seager, S.; Huang, Jingcheng et al.
  • TRAPPIST-1h as an Exo-Titan. I. The Role of Assumptions about Atmospheric Parameters in Understanding an Exoplanet Atmosphere

    2022/05 Mandt, Kathleen E.; Luspay-Kuti, Adrienn; Lustig-Yaeger, Jacob et al.
  • Photochemical Runaway in Exoplanet Atmospheres: Implications for Biosignatures

    2022/05 Ranjan, Sukrit; Seager, Sara; Zhan, Zhuchang et al.
  • Organic Carbonyls Are Poor Biosignature Gases in Exoplanet Atmospheres but May Generate Significant CO

    2022/05 Zhan, Zhuchang; Huang, Jingcheng; Seager, S. et al.
  • Longitudinally Asymmetric Stratospheric Oscillation on a Tidally Locked Exoplanet

    2022/05 Cohen, Maureen; Bollasina, Massimo A.; Palmer, Paul I. et al.
  • Observations of PAHs in the atmospheres of discs and exoplanets

    2022/05 Ercolano, Barbara; Rab, Christian; Molaverdikhani, K. et al.
  • Conditions for detecting lensed Population III galaxies in blind surveys with the James Webb Space Telescope, the Roman Space Telescope, and Euclid

    2022/05 Vikaeus, Anton; Zackrisson, Erik; Schaerer, Daniel et al.
  • PDRs4All: A JWST Early Release Science Program on Radiative Feedback from Massive Stars

    2022/05 Berné, Olivier; Habart, Émilie; Peeters, Els et al.
  • The Dawn of Disk Formation in a Milky Way-sized Galaxy Halo: Thin Stellar Disks at z > 4

    2022/04 Tamfal, Tomas; Mayer, Lucio; Quinn, Thomas R. et al.
  • Disentangling atmospheric compositions of K2-18 b with next generation facilities

    2022/04 Changeat, Q.; Edwards, Billy; Al-Refaie, Ahmed F. et al.
  • HyDRo: atmospheric retrieval of rocky exoplanets in thermal emission

    2022/04 Piette, Anjali A. A.; Madhusudhan, Nikku; Mandell, Avi M.
  • Co-evolution of massive black holes and their host galaxies at high redshift: discrepancies from six cosmological simulations and the key role of JWST

    2022/04 Habouzit, Mélanie; Onoue, Masafusa; Bañados, Eduardo et al.
  • Introducing the THESAN project: radiation-magnetohydrodynamic simulations of the epoch of reionization

    2022/04 Kannan, R.; Garaldi, E.; Smith, A. et al.
  • Dust entrainment in photoevaporative winds: Synthetic observations of transition disks

    2022/03 Franz, R.; Picogna, G.; Ercolano, B. et al.
  • Investigating the detectability of hydrocarbons in exoplanet atmospheres with JWST

    2022/03 Gasman, Danny; Min, Michiel; Chubb, Katy L.
  • ThERESA: Three-dimensional Eclipse Mapping with Application to Synthetic JWST Data

    2022/03 Challener, Ryan C.; Rauscher, Emily
  • TESS Giants Transiting Giants. II. The Hottest Jupiters Orbiting Evolved Stars

    2022/03 Grunblatt, Samuel K.; Saunders, Nicholas; Sun, Meng et al.
  • A Transiting, Temperate Mini-Neptune Orbiting the M Dwarf TOI-1759 Unveiled by TESS

    2022/03 Espinoza, Nestor; Pallé, E.; Kemmer, J. et al.
  • Searching for TESS Photometric Variability of Possible JWST Spectrophotometric Standard Stars

    2022/03 Mullally, S. E.; Sloan, G. C.; Hermes, J. J. et al.
  • Hierarchical Bayesian Atmospheric Retrieval Modeling for Population Studies of Exoplanet Atmospheres: A Case Study on the Habitable Zone

    2022/03 Lustig-Yaeger, Jacob; Showalter Sotzen, Kristin; Stevenson, Kevin et al.
  • Optical and JWST Mid-IR Emission Line Diagnostics for Simultaneous IMBH and Stellar Excitation in z 0 Dwarf Galaxies

    2022/03 Richardson, C. T.; Simpson, Connor; Polimera, Mugdha S. et al.
  • On the Stellar Populations of Galaxies at z = 9-11: The Growth of Metals and Stellar Mass at Early Times

    2022/03 Tacchella, Sandro; Finkelstein, Steven L.; Bagley, Micaela J. et al.
  • Cold Gas in Massive Galaxies as a Critical Test of Black Hole Feedback Models

    2022/03 Shi, Jingjing; Peng, Yingjie; Diemer, Benedikt et al.
  • The First Near-infrared Transmission Spectrum of HIP 41378 f, A Low-mass Temperate Jovian World in a Multiplanet System

    2022/03 Alam, Munazza K.; Kirk, James; Dressing, Courtney D. et al.
  • The Role of Atmospheric Exchange in False-Positive Biosignature Detection

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